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Celeste is an active yoga teacher, visual artist, and musician. A background robust in varying art modalities roots back to her childhood, and has guided her on an evolving creative path ever since. She started practicing yoga in 2009 originally to supplement her practice as a dancer, but became more enamored by the discovery of the profound benefits that yoga delivered beyond the body. What drives Celeste as a yoga teacher, is her own liberating experiences of wellness that she continues to have— specifically in connection with mental health, but also the spiritual enrichment that yoga actively nourishes. So far, she enjoys teaching restorative yoga, beginner yoga, slow flow, aroma flow, and anything intuitively based. 

As a certified Group Exercise Instructor specializing in Yoga Foundations, she is currently completing continuing education in yoga (200 hour RYT) at the Green Lotus Healing Center, and also plans to offer barre connect class. Outside of that, her adventurous spirit finds fascination in exploring the ways of how yoga and meditation techniques can be merged together with her other art modalities, such as painting and music.

 It is Celeste’s mission to share with others— sustainable yogic approaches that are functional in daily life,  knowledge that promotes energetic healing and management, and also the positive outlook that yoga has the potential to help awaken and uplift from within each of us.



Hello my name is Erica Sjoberg. I absolutely LOVE yoga and how it has transformed my life in such a positive way. Before yoga I struggled a lot with PTSD and anxiety. So I started doing yoga in 2015 and was immediately hooked. I wanted to learn everything I possibly could which led me to a Yoga teacher training. In 2016 I became a RYT 200 yoga teacher. I have been teaching yoga ever since. Having my own struggles with PTSD, and anxiety related issues yoga really helped me find balance within myself and taught me self coping skills. With that being said I became a trauma informed yoga teacher through Firefly International in January of 2019. What I love about yoga is how it can take your mind, body and spirit to such a balance and calming state almost immediately after coming out of class. The calming effects and deep breathing is something I believe everyone needs in their life. Self care is so important and that is exactly why I love to teach yoga. I want to give back to every student that attends my class what yoga has given me. Being able to guide and help people grow through their own yoga practice is extremely rewarding to see. Helping people to connect to their mind, body and spirit is the very reason I love to teach. Hope to see you on the mat! Namaste.


Brenda is a 200-Hour RYT whose focus is on making yoga accessible to all ages and abilities. As a legal administrative professional of more than twenty years, Brenda understands the importance of striving for balance in daily life. After making yoga a priority, she has seen first hand the benefits and possibilities that a regular practice can bring. More than anything, Brenda wants to teach that yoga should not be intimidating or scary for anyone; yoga is for everyone. She looks forward to teaching you to connect with yourself and to learning from each student individually, no matter where you are at in your journey.