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At Create & Connect Studio we are proud to offer traditional yoga styles, taught using traditional methods.

We offer traditional class styles infused with varying levels of intensity and creativity, with something for everyone.


Vinyasa classes focus on the transition, or “flow”, between poses utilizing breathing techniques to synchronize the breath and movement.

Benefits: Increased muscle strength, flexibility, cardiovascular function, respiratory capacity, and improved bone density.

We offer variations of Vinyasa Yoga, including:

Vinyasa Flow - A more rapid flow of movement through different postures. Many are drawn to Vinyasa Flow for its fitness applications.

Gentle Vinyasa - Gentle Vinyasa is inclusive to meeting every student where they are with an emphasis on nurturing, low intensity elements. It’s a more meditative, slower paced flow great for supporting a sensitive body and mind. Whether you are a beginner, recovering from injury or advanced - there are benefits in this class for all.

Mindful Moon Vinyasa - Channel into the lunar energy with slow paced flows inspired by the moon phases. A cooling and quieting combination of moon salutations, restorative poses and mindfulness is designed to unwind you from the day and bring peace to the body and mind!

  • All levels welcome, adjustments can be made to fit every students needs.

  • Drink plenty of water before class.


This class is designed to do exactly what it says. Restore your mind, body, and soul. This class will help alleviate stress while focusing on deep stretching and healing. You will be guided through gentle movement while focusing on breathing. This class also offers a meditative practice that will work through regenerative postures and end with a supported posture. Focusing on natural re-alignment.

Benefits: Increases muscular strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration, and mental clarity.

  • All Levels welcome, this class will have you feeling brand new and ready for your next taste with a clearer more balanced mind.

  • Drink plenty of water before class.


Beginners Yoga is a 60-minute beginner to mid-level class which introduces the fundamental principles of alignment, strength, flexibility, and breath work in a slower flow of postures linked together by the breath. New students will be introduced to yoga postures with a step-by-step verbal description and demonstration of each pose and will leave with an understanding of safety and stability to carry throughout their yoga practice. Experienced students will work to enhance and improve their existing practice and gain a better understanding of poses and how to build upon a foundation for a more advanced practice.  


Every Kidding Around Yoga class offers a complete, age-appropriate Yoga practice including breathing instruction, relaxation techniques, stretching and strengthening poses, all using fun-filled music, games, and imagination. KAY’s secret is our playfulness, keeping your child motivated, excited, and moving. This is not your typical Yoga class. A KAY class gets children singing, dancing, skipping, marching, jogging, shaking, laughing, hopping, limbo-ing, and storytelling ALL while practicing Yoga to original KAY music.

Kidding Around Yoga classes are a unique opportunity to give your child skills that will provide a sense of balance, calm, and power for years to come.

Classes are designed for children ages 3 - 12. Adults are always welcome to get silly and participate along with their little Yogis!

No prior yoga experience necessary!

$10 per session - packages available!

Pre-registration is preferred, however walk-ins are always welcome!

Learn more about Kidding Around Yoga, Yoga Birthday parties, and more click here:

Yoga Studio Policies

Late Policy:

Please understand, because this is a small studio, there will not be front desk staff other than your instructor. So when it is time for class to begin, the front door will be locked for the safety of the students and the teacher who will be in the studio. 


Please note: If you have missed the locking of the door, a sign will be hanging! 


Cancellation/Absence Policy:

Class space is limited, registration on-line is preferred however, walk-ins are welcome. If you have signed up and you know that you will not be able to attend, please log into your account, click on the class and cancel yourself out.  

Please note: if you are a “no-show/no-call” the class will be deducted from your account.

Studio Cancellation Policy:
6:00 am Class Cancellation policy
We reserve the right to cancel the 6:00 am class if there is no one registered in the class by 9 pm the night prior to class.  

Please note: Cancellations will be posted on Facebook, and will appear on the schedule as cancelled.

Weather Related Cancellation policy
Create & Connect Studio reserves the right to cancel classes due to weather related issues!  Students registered in the class will be contacted ahead of time and will not be charged for the class.

Please note: Cancellations will be posted on Facebook, and will appear on the schedule as cancelled.

Age-Appropriate Yoga Policy:
Here's our youth policy, to ensure everyone has a chance to practice yoga and experience its benefits safely!

All persons, 13 and older, are welcome to join any class, any day. (13 to 15-year-old practitioners need to be accompanied by an adult).

Yogis, ages 10-12, are welcome in any Beginners Class, when accompanied by an adult (these pre-teen practitioners can graduate into full practice after attending 12 Beginners Classes, at which time they may attend any class at any time, when accompanied by an adult).

Little Yogis age 3-12 are welcome for Kids Yoga on Saturday mornings!