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Yoga for Emotional Support with Erica

It is no secret that yoga does wonders for the body and can calm the mind. Research continues to point to its power to help trauma survivors. Trauma sensitive yoga helps clients heighten their body awareness - to notice what is happening inside their bodies - and thereby learning to release tension, reduce and control fear and arousal, and tolerate sensation.

The practice is based on the growing understanding that trauma takes a heavy toll on the body and the brain. When the body absorbs and anticipates trauma, individuals are likely to experience hyper-arousal, hyper-vigilance, and an inability to calm themselves. Coming into a fight, flight or freeze response and shuttering or dampening sensation to cope. They avoid stimuli and their bodies become numb, resulting in depression, anxiety and isolation. Trauma-sensitive yoga helps calm the mind and regulate their physical responses and thus, emotions.

This class is designed for trauma survivors suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Anyone is welcome to join, like any yoga class we will begin with a warm up followed by standing postures and ending back on our mat.

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